Ok, lets get this boat home!
A huge crane and a trailer was contracted to do the job. The cranes empty weight was 48.000 kilo... and the boat "just" 11.000 kilo.
The loading went fine. No pictures because of stress... ;-)

Above right is the first of two sharp 90 degreee branches. This went ok but at the second the crane had to lift the trailer AND boat to pass the branch...
Me, signing the big bill...
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s/y Fiona - our Bruce Roberts Offshore 44'
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I needed this kind of crane due to space limits at my home. The center of the boats needs to be about 10-12 meters from the cranes center position when at my home.
A big Thank You! to Torgerssons Transport, Henån and Kynningsrud, Stenungsund for a competent and safe transportation!

I will call you both in a few years! ;-)
My father infront of Fiona. On top of the boat is the GRP doghouse that the former owner planned to mount.
The crane had to help the trailer up the hill and one lift of trailer+boat more. Then everything went great!

Here she will stand for some years and get ship-shape!