The story of my B31

Abstract: Some information about an Brostroem (Broström) 31 feet, Mark II 1979. How I renewed improved the Yanmar engine oilpump and repaired the Edson steering.
OOPS! This was in spring 2001 - Still LOW OIL PRESSURE! More work for me this spring 2002!
Oil pressure FIXED! Check it out Yanmar owners!!!

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larger picture Kärrsön - Hakefjorden
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Yes! It's paid! It's ours! And we are ready to leave Råå, Helsingborg to Göteborg/Marstrand on the Swedish westcoast where our home-harbor is. A nice two day trip with a stop in Falkenberg. About 130 NM.

The depth needed for this boat (MKII) is 1 meter and 83 centimeters at normal load with iron keel. Measured on land. The picture shows the boat with an empty water tank no equipment onboard. So she will have around 150 Kilo more at the front...

More pictures will come soon...

Repair of Edson steering

The wire plate below deck - time for a renewal?

Edson have spare parts in aluminium for this kind of steering but i was very expensive. So I made a new of - yes, iron again. Never mind, it have last for over 20 years so this will last 20 years too.

No pictures of the new one I'm afraid. I made two plates, one with just a big hole and the other with all the needed hole - as you can see on the old plate. As I knew the angles of the wire-wheels I could attach them permanently with just a bolt - no need for adjustments.

It has to be a firm plate and you need space for bolts and nuts etc. I you seen this kind of steering you know what I meen.

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