Trio 80

Never Gelcoat again! ;-) The boat has been repainted with Polyurethane high gloss paint by the previous owner. Very nice.

This picture is from the first day in our new little boat. Rigging is just done and the co-welders are testing important equipment aft...

Youngest co-welder will entertain the sea creatures...

..."this is how we - up there - looks like"...

The crew is busy on deck!

Skagerack without wind. Spinnacker at 1 knot-isch. I went in the dingy for som photos and Co-welder #1 is hanging in the swimladder with his feets... Lol!

I'm on deck for releasing the reef and got this photo of my Hero&father in his old boat again.
In 2006 we happned to bye this Trio 17 years after my father sold it.

There is a strange story about this boat. My father sailed thrue Smögen in the year 1980 and saw a test-boat for for Pirat-Segel. It was a Swedish Sail design company that had this hull for sale.
He bought it with a new deck on and got the wood-interior kit. He mounted a new Yanmar engine and everything! Launched her in 1981. Mom&Dad then sailed this Trio 80, Yggdrasil 7917, until 1988 when they sold it for a bigger Comfortina 32.
Then I happend to buy it "back to the family" from this second owner. During these 18 years they really loved this boat! All care and love in the world had been put down in to this boat.
Even the teak in cockpit is good as new. Sails was replaces 10 years ago. It even had been standing inside during winters all these years. Yah! She's a pearl!